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IT WORKS... OR IT WALKS! | Guarantee by Office Elements
On all devices that we sell that the customer carries a service contract on we offer a five year/five million copy guarantee (whichever comes first). This guarantee goes well above the guarantee provided to us by the manufacturer as we feel that our highly qualified technicians have the ability and skills to ensure our customer a reliable/productive unit for this amount of time or copies. If a customer gets a “lemon” and we can’t keep it running sufficiently, we will provide them with a like machine and no cost to the customer. Included in this guarantee is a 97% up-time throughout the year and a four hour or less service response time for covered "down" equipment.

STARTING OFF RIGHT | Delivery and Installation
Our work truly begins after the sale is complete. We take pride in our installation training process. This all begins with the pre-installation interview; this is when a member from our technology team will interview the potential client and the clients IT professional. As a result of this interview, it is our intention to find out exactly how the device is going to be used within their office environment, discuss a training schedule, and learn the particulars of the client’s network topography to ensure a successful install. Once the install is complete, our highly skilled representatives do stop by on a regular basis to answer any and all questions that may arise. Our representatives will also keep the client informed of various software solutions that can be integrated with the device that may assist the client with their document management processes.

COMMITMENT TO YOU | Maintenance and Repair
We have a dedicated team of maintenance professionals with over 200+ years of combined service. Our philosophy when making a service call is to perform a “Complete Call”. A challenge for technicians to not only fix the problem at hand, but search for upcoming potential problems that may occur in the future. To also perform any and all updates that Sharp provides to us will be put onto our customers machines that our under service contract at no charge. Our Sharp devices also have the technology built in that will actually email us a service related issue before the customer even has to place a manual call. We also offer all of our customers that are under service contract a four hour service response time in the event that the device is completely down.

PROGRESSIVE ANALYSIS | Comprehensive Technology Review
Office Elements is proud to offer our risk-free Comprehensive Technology Review. Our Comprehensive Technology Review is the most effective way to determine your organization’s true cost of producing documents. In today’s business world over 2% of a company’s annual revenue is spent on document production and document management.

We take an unbiased approach to examining your current document production and workflow. By position ourselves as a third party liaison between upper management, core level management and end users, we'll make sure that everyone is working towards the same corporate initiative when it comes to the areas of document production & management. We'll walk thru your organization and interview employees to find out how they utilize their office technology, how they are paying for their technology and how they make decisions on their technology.

With this information, we can determine if there are ways to streamline your processes, eliminate waste, and reduce operating expenses, while providing you with the newest technology and solutions to meet your current and future needs. And if we do not find any inefficiencies in the areas of document production or document management, you will have become a more informed and educated decision maker.

Let us assist you in identifying and lowering your costs.


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